Wednesday, May 26, 2010

This Is Going To Be Fun For The GOP

I don't know why the GOP couldn't figure out that they're going to have real problems separating the spoofs from their base. It isn't that obvious criticism will miss the base, but there are a whole bunch of pretty good spoofers out there who can use wingnut speak and promote incredibly stupid and offensive ideas that will get GOP base approval.

I know it isn't as though some spoof has to do it and that is the funny part, the GOP is putting its base up in front of the general public - exactly what they don't want their candidates doing...

Rand Paul says...

American Prosperity - Providing Americans the Opportunities to Succeed
Fiscal Accountability - Restoring Discipline and Respecting Your Hard Earned Dollars
American Values - Protecting Those Things We Hold Dear
National Security - Providing and Safe and Secure Nation
Open Mic - Start Your own Debate, Speak Out

Now how could this go wrong?

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