Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Thanks Bloggers

I'm hoping Technorati has a good comprehensive listing of blog links because I'm going to use it. These folks linked in to my memorium to Nick and drove an unprecedented amount of traffic, over 4500, and a probable total 300 plus condolences in comments and emails and cards. Outside of the blog the only people I directly reached out to were very immediate family. Hopefully some in the 4500 took something of personal value from that posting, I also hope the three hundred or so who have reached out to us took something away for themselves. The great part of these people came because the bloggers linked in, they saw an opportunity to help and stepped up. Naming the ones I've tracked down is an expression of my gratitude.

Balloon Juice
Jon Swift
Mad In The Middle
Life's Journey
Real Oregon Reality
Skippy The Bush Kangaroo
Brilliqan At Breakfast
Bryan Strawser
Blue Oregon
Opinion Forum

If this misses anyone let me know and I'll fix that because it counted when we needed it most.

Thank you my friends for leaving us less alone,

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