Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Gus 'n Pals

Friends for Gus, Matt, my son, and Emily, his fiance, in from Florida to be here for us.

Matt is a good guy and Emily is as sweet as she is beautiful and that's quite a combo. For scale, I believe Matt is 6-2, they've just returned from a walk.

***As always click pic for full size


Bpaul said...

That's quite a lap dog you got there.

I can only presume to imagine the lap required...


Chuck Butcher said...

Best have a sturdy lap to take over 150# of Gus

Matt Clark said...


Emily is indeed sweet and beautiful and Gus is indeed large and furry. I just got done cleaning my black jacket and I beleive that I took several pounds of the big fellas' fur back to Florida. :)

ThePoliticalCat said...

Damn, that's one cute dawg. Cheer me up no end, beastie pitchers. Thanks, Chuck.

Svensker said...

That dog is....large. And enormously cute!

Thanks for sharing. And more hugs.