Sunday, March 29, 2009

Masters Of The Universe Need Friends, Too

Now I'd guess that laying any more tax on multi-billionaires than a carpenter would make no sense in the world of the Confederate Party of Republicanism. You could bring up small business, who in the face of a double hit on FICA/SS of 15.7% might scoff at the idea that a tax increase on hedge fund managers from 15% to 40% was a horrid thing.

It is funny how for this bunch anything that dings the uber-wealthy is bad for the little guy, the guy they're actually looking out for. You know, like the way the wealthy have cleaned up and everybody else watched wages flat line or go in the toilet.

What I'd like to know is how this idjit Cantor managed these lines with a straight face and the rest of the room didn't dissolve in laughter?

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Phil said...

Actually, I think that a 40% tax rate for hedge fund managers is too low--by half.