Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Republican's Full Plate

Now the RNC is trying to use Wall Street people like Larry Kudlow to bolster their...credibility. The argument is that Democrats propose to punish success with a 4% tax increase on the wealthiest bracket and getting corporations that do business here to pay taxes rather than duck them by renting a PO Box in a Caribbean Island. You can play a video of his tripe at the link, President Obama is engaging in a war with investors and businesses. Not long ago Santelli went on a rant about Americans paying for deadbeat homeowners, Press Secretary Gibbs suggested he ought to read the proposal. This is Wall Street.

Over on the noise side, radio, Rush is challenging the President to come to his studio and 'debate' him. People like Beohner and Cantor are accusing the President of creating a sideshow to distract from the economic news and his socialist agenda. I'm not sure who is the sideshow or is creating it, with Rush in the middle. You will note that they specifically did not challenge Rush for the leadership of the Confederate Party of Republicanism and neither did they assert that they speak for Republicans. This is in the face of their talking points and lies aligning with Rush's and having virtually no relationship with the truth - other than as a definition of what is not the truth.

I don't know how much more the Republican plate can hold of this mantra of punishing success and waging war on the rich. It seems as though outside the world of wealth everybody is either in trouble, getting in trouble, or knows somebody in one of those situations. The media reports not million dollar bonuses but tens of million dollar bonuses for the geniuses who wrecked investment banks in the face of the most favorable governmental oversight in modern history. Former executives of Countrywide Mortgage, issuers of lots of toxic mortgages, are now in the business of buying up foreclosed houses. A painting recently auctioned at $240+M, various very top end luxury items are selling well. There is the UBS mess with what looks like over 50,000 American clients using Switzerland as a tax evasion scheme.

Beginning with the recovery of 2001 median incomes fell several thousand dollars, a huge red flag was being waved in ordinary America's face. Instead we had a couple wars and lack of disaster response and a lot of rhetoric regarding terrorist sympathizers on the left. As deficits were skyrocketing and wars run off the books easy credit cushioned the blows. No one bothered, or rather other than a few, no one, to ask what exactly people thought housing was? A few people said, 'uh, these are stocks not magic money machines.' But now, it seems, there is a pretty widespread awareness that there was no magic, it was a shell game, and a lot of people are really screwed. In the face of all that, CPAC, Rush, and apparently, the Republican Party are filling their plate with the whining of the wealthy.

You suppose the crap will drool off the side?


Patty Mooney said...

Yeah, my hubby watches CNN and we saw Larry Kudlow today wearing his little lapel flag pin. He is so obviously Republican, and those folks outta be on their knees begging for forgiveness for the last eight horrendous years. Instead they are acting like they have all the answers. How did they get so deluded?

Chuck Butcher said...

The Daily Show roasted CNBC pretty well tonight. According to the survey down page aways, 35% would line them up on a wall and shoot them, and 21% each for drawing and quartering or haningin, investment bankers ain't popular.