Monday, March 02, 2009

LTE On Rush

***This is my LTE and I do not suggest it as a model or an outline, I am simply backing up my words. A 350 word limit places some restriction on eloquence in Baker City Herald.


Up front, I am the County Chair for DPO/Baker County Democrats.

Over the years as a construction worker I have listened to Rush Limbaugh’s show. I was never particularly impressed with either his reasoning or his brand of meanness. He is of course welcome to his opinion; he is not welcome to making facts out of air. The Republican Congress has used the same types of arguments from the time the stimulus bill was first proposed. There may have been problems, it was unnecessary to make things up and ape a radio talk show host.

Some Republican Party leaders have pushed back a bit against Rush’s rhetoric, only to immediately back away from their complaints. Rahm Emanuel Sunday postulated that Rush is the intellectual and philosophical leader of the Republican Party. There may be some Republicans who don’t very much care for that characterization; their problem is that their Congressional Leaders are in lock step with a radio show entertainer.

I do not like the explosion of national debt that started under GW Bush and is being increased now under Obama. I am faced with the utter destruction of our economy. Republican leadership proposes that Rush Limbaugh is correct. Rush clearly stated his wish that Obama fail. Stating Rush doesn’t have to face voters dodges the issue when the Republicans who face voters simply toe his line. House Republicans have repeatedly stated they did not get to read the stimulus bill and yet they appeared on national media with made up ‘facts’ regarding it and misapplied words within to create doubt about electronic medical records, Rush talking points.

If you are a voter who doesn’t care to have Rush Limbaugh direct policy and philosophy in Washington DC and many State Houses you have a clear option, quit sending his team members as your representatives. You can get rid of them in a Primary or choose another Party. Some of you are aware that I do not pretend to be a member of a perfect political organization, but I also am not represented by Rush Limbaugh or anyone like him.

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