Sunday, March 22, 2009

Outrage? That's A BIt Mild

How'll it be if we do a little mathematics on Chuck for... today? I don't propose to start trouble...but I sure don't mind stoking some, I will gleefully throw gasoline on this fire. Here's some numbers we'll be working with:
AIG Bonus Payments - $179,000,000
Oregon Median Income - $43,000

Now what we'll do is this 179,000,000/43,000 and we'll know how many Oregonians could have made a year's wages. 4,162.8 Oregonians would have made wages of the median sort, that's 4,162.8 Oregonians buying cars, houses, college educations, you know - stuff. Stuff that other people make money creating. Creating is the word - not toilet paper securities, not the ruin of a company and a run on the US taxpayer.

The Titans Of Finance don't get those numbers, it is flat out meaningless to those cretins. They deserve it for all the hours spent wrecking an economy. Now these people are held up as experts, the ones that haven't already quit, and they are important. They deserved it, they're important, they earned it. What they earned and what they deserve and what is important about them is that they should be burnt out of house and home and beaten within an inch of their lives if not a bullet to the brains (except I disapprove of capital punishment). If you think this is the first of their bonuses over the past 8 years and some you also probably think the Moon is green cheese.

You might be excused for thinking that they've sucked forty one hundred jobs out of the economy with their greed for a fair number of years. You might be forgiven for noticing that what they were doing was leveraging assets to an unprecedented degree, an obvious catastrophe in waiting to anyone with economic knowledge. You needn't concern yourself with how complicated these instruments were, that's damn immaterial - they created over ten times the money out of thin air...imaginary, and they goddamn good and well knew that was the upshot of what they were doing. If you leverage $1.25 on a $1.00 and lose that $1.00 you're out $1.25, if you do it to the tune of a ten spot on a dollar - you've got one hell of a hole. Everybody knows that and that is why it isn't done. Well, except my the Titans Of Finance, it isn't. Which of these bankers would lend you a million dollars with your one hundred thousand dollar house as collateral? What? You don't think they would? You mean the rules are different for the masses?

One goddamn percent of the economic scale makes as much as the entire bottom one half of the economic scale. Do you get that? You do realize that you pay a larger percentage tax on your pittance than they do? Now it might be reasonable to wait a bit and see what the politicians will make of it this time around. I don't mean something like the decades the St Ronnie mytholigizers have had, I'm thinking maybe the end of the year kind of patience. About that time if it is obvious that the game is going to stay that badly rigged it might be entirely reasonable to make it demonstrably dangerous to be these people.

That sounds pretty...extreme? Does it seem so in the face of a broken social contract? If that contract is broken and the legal system will not readdress it, then all bets are off. No allegiance is owed to such a system and while it may try to enforce it, it has no such power to do so. I am way past giving a good goddamn if these pricks get hurt. I only talk about patience for the sake of the decent people who will undoubtedly get hurt in the process. At a point it becomes meaningless to talk about their hurt in the face of what they will suffer anyhow.

If the ballot is proven meaningless in the face of the power of their wealth and their ability to blackmail or terrorize the political arm, what recourse remains? They have no power beyond their paper and the few thugs they can hire. They're starting to hire guards now, something is starting to leak into their greed soaked noggins. There is nothing to say that they can't be wealthy and left in peace, other than the extent of their greediness. They didn't need to put their foot on the neck of the populace to be rich, but rich wasn't enough. They could step off, but I'll bet you large the only reason they would do so would be naked fear.

If they start hearing serious rumblings that their time of unopposed rape is about to come to an excruciating end they might make some smart decisions. If not, that rape can be paid for in coin they've never seen minted and I'd not only not give a damn, I'd help out.

You'll hear concern for the working class called socialism by the Randian half wits that still stand with the Confederate Party of Republicanism and I'm ashamed to have to admit that Eastern Oregon has a member representing it, and you can call it a bribe to keep the above postulated action from happening. I'd call it smart thinking rather than names, but I'm not their lap dog lick spittle ass kisser. I know that I'm not alone in having faced a lot badder shit than anything they can bring to the table. Some of you real nice lefty types have histories...

Outrage? Kiss my ass.


Kevin said...


And it's not just AIG. It's Enron and Madoff and so many others openly gaming the system without a care in the world for who gets hurt in the process.

I've had enough. No more Mr. Nice Guy.

Zak Johnson said...

Democrats create wealth; Republicans concentrate it, then they point to millionaires and billionaires as evidence of wealth creation from their programs. Oligarchies aren't good in banana republics or in countries at risk of turning into one, but that's what we got.

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