Monday, November 03, 2008

Revisonist History Leads To Firing?

In some countries writing seriously stupid falsehoods regarding history and a nation's action can get you fired from the government, unlike the US where saying it can work to make you a credible candidate for the Presidency. The NYT reports that Japanese Air Force Chief of Staff was fired for:
General Tamogami wrote that Japan attacked Pearl Harbor in 1941 and thereby drew the United States into World War II after being caught in “a trap” set by President Roosevelt.

“Roosevelt had become president on his public pledge not to go to war, so in order to start a war between the United States and Japan, it had to appear that Japan took the first shot,” he wrote.

He denied that Japan had invaded China and the Korean Peninsula, arguing that Japanese forces became embroiled in domestic conflicts on the Asian continent.

“Even now, there are many people who think that our country’s aggression caused unbearable suffering to the countries of Asia during the Greater East Asia War,” he wrote, using the term favored by Japan’s right to refer to World War II. “But we need to realize that many Asian countries take a positive view of the Greater East Asia War. It is certainly a false accusation to say that our country was an aggressor nation.”

Around these parts somebody like John McCain gets to claim that he knows how to win wars on the basis of claiming success well before it happened and predicting that we'd be greeted as liberators. He also was a part of the Republican attack on Clinton over Kosovo and the war he actually took part in was Vietnam - not exactly a raging success, not that he held any position of authority there or in any conflict in a manner other than as a less than senior politician. He gets to claim, in the face of any evidence to have been tested in regards to the Presidency. He gets to claim in the same sentence that we've won in Iraq and that Obama wants to surrender in Iraq. Funny how it is the right that plays these games. You will note that the Right seems to claim that the US has never gotten up to...poor behavior.

History books written by someone a bit more credible than Gen Tamogami will be scornful of BushCo but will probably save the real unkindness for McCain by making him the footnote to BushCo failure. He will be McMaverick who caved in until he became invisible. Yes, this article pre-supposes an Obama victory, in fact it pre-supposes a Republican bloodbath with McCain at the helm, the McCommander. I already voted, if you haven't - take care of business -that outfit needs to be sunk deeper than whale poop.

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