Thursday, November 06, 2008

The Palin Hilarity Continues

If you want to take seriously the anonymous reports from the McCain camp that Sarah did not know that Africa is a continent or what countries make up NAFTA you can. There is the saga of clothing, how much spent, by whom, and where it has gone. It has been said that the McCain camp had figured out the Couric questions and Sarah refused briefing. It may say something that it is even in question.

I don't think Sarah Palin is very intelligent, nor well informed, nor at all analytical. I'm not sure she is competent to be Governor of Alaska. I also think this stuff is more interesting in what it says about Republicans than about Palin. Remember what her role was, she was to bring the base over. This was to be the anti-intellectual, religious, blue collar, plain folks appeal. They found someone without the baggage that accompanies political experience, things like thought, compromise, and fairly broad interests. What they got was a woman who greatly resembled the constituency she was to appeal to.

It is one thing to go to that base every two or four years, it is another thing entirely to put actual power in their hands. McCain and camp McCain surely expected to outlast Sarah in the White House, there was no idea in their heads that she would actually be President. These people are to seem to have their interests addressed during election and then they are cast aside. What they actually want, theocracy, would cause both Supreme Court backlash and an actual revolt amongst the populace - so they are only to think they are important. Sarah Palin breaks that rule. You can be sure nobody told her about it or made any sort of intimation that there is such a rule and that it is to be followed.

If you think this is an exaggeration, check out her defenders - right wing talk radio and loon fringe bloggers. Faux News is participating in the gutting of the Alaskan fish. The noise factor wasn't let in on joke, you had better believe that Murdoch not only was in on the joke, that he is one of architects of it. The sad part is watching people vote directly counter to their interests in search of that which is only a chimera.

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