Sunday, November 16, 2008

The New and Improved Comments Policy

If you want to write something into the comments, I certainly encourage you to do so. However, in the face of absolute stupidity I have modified the policy. If you want to come around here and write something completely stupid I encourage everybody else to just kick the snot out of you, if you want to cuss like sailors, well, your mother might see you do it and that's your look out. This isn't now and never was intended to be for the faint of heart or weak of spirit and if you can't play, go elsewhere.

Because this blog gets published into newspapers and other places I'll probably keep a fair rein on my articles' language, but that is a publishing decision taken article by article. The comments section isn't my playground, it's yours. What I will not tolerate is publishing personal information or porno or hate site links and I have no edit feature so the whole thing goes.

If I get a particularly good comment I may bring it up onto the main, Carla gets the first one:
If pigs fly out of my ass....

in response to complete stupidity regarding Birth Certificate.

Wishful thinking ought to have a category of its own, Phil proves it:
Open season on ratbastards, no bag limits?

regarding, obviously, ratbastards.

Speaking of open season, no limits, if you think this election does more than crack a door open you're engaging in wishful thinking. If we want to get somewhere from here, we set the agenda, we set the conversation, we make the message. And take exactly no prisoners from the loon fringe. If you've got verifiable stupid from real leaders of the right I want it and my email is right here, tell me, links, sourced quotes, I don't give a damn except I will not be caught out passing bad information, ever.

If you want to write an article I'll publish it if you send it to me in either MS Word or MS Outlook. Same rules, verifiable sources, I'll edit for misspellings or simple grammar and credit you though it'll still publish under my "byline".

If you've missed it, I'm sick of being a punching bag for a bunch of failures from the right and hearing their stupid propaganda stated as fact. It's not for later, it is always now, that is where we're at, now. Do now and the future takes care of itself.

There is a TZ that you want to be careful about picking fights with, he's good at it, lots of practice because he likes it. He's fun, though. He announced his intention to nose around here.


Carla said...

Hey! I'm famous!


Chuck Butcher said...

Deservedly so -
there is, of course, the measure of that fame this blog provides....