Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Election Night '08

Baker County Democrats are meeting up at Mad Matilda's on Main Street in Downtown Baker City, OR. I'll be somewhat live blogging throughout the evening and posting pictures and what ever crosses my little mind. It is right this minute 4:30 PST. If you expect real serious election coverage, well this ain't it, mostly this is about having some kind of record.

Mad Matilda's is the upper picture. Below is Elliot Averet who is 16 and chaired the local Obama organization, quite ablely. Folks are coming in at this point.

CNN a few minutes ago called SC for McCain, with about 6% of the vote, not a surprise to anyone - apparently.

This is how we're going to watch this and they just called NH as Obama's. Mark Warner (VA) was just called. Nobody is cheering yet. But Warner looks to have had a blow out, John King says the VA Republican Party will be having a serious talk with itself.

5:40 CNN says PA goes to Obama. That got cheers. People are starting to look happier. My seat mates just admitted to being more relaxed. 5:54 NC Kay Hagen beats Dole - Hagen is actually outperforming Obama. Boy that got an Oregon cheer.

The Halloween star minus the outfit and make-up.

The gang, some more of, Peggi Timm long time Democatic activist and communityheavy hitter is left foreground, left in rear is Marilyn Dedeck, Baker Co Democrats Chair. This is minutes after a couple pretty Democratic happy news events.

We're watching on CNN and Bill Bennett is a panel member, I keep hoping to see him cry.

Baker County Commission candidate Randy Joseph sporting a confident and capable expression. Randy is currently a member of the County Planning Board and a great advocate of renewable and efficient energy within Baker Co. He was one of the earliest and is the most informed and dedicated advocate for using Mason Dam at Phillips Resevoir for hydro-electric through the county.

CNN says at 16 % reporting that Ohio goes to Obama, as you can imgine that got eheers. I think 16% in that state is a bit soon, but...

6:45 New Mexico to Obama. David Gergen looks not only self-assured but pleased with how things are going. Ah Bennett, I'd say bitch-slapped is the best description of his expression and tone. It hasn't quite gotten to a whine...gads I loath that prick.

So at 8PST Obama has 279 and I think Democrats are happy. Still a lot of results that matter to Oregonians.

Marilyn Dudeck Baker Co Democrats Chair is pretty happy.

The scene from Chicago is astonishing. That is just flat out a lot of people, happy people. Damn...

McCain's concession, is graceful - on his part. This is a tough audience to do that with, that problem is of his own making. The audience certainly likes Sarah, that is their problem as well. Boos are no suprise for Joe Biden or for Barack Obama, I think John is not pleased by this.

Bruce Raffety, Chair Emeritus who took us through the tough sad times, gets to cheer. Finally.

We're waiting for Barack to speak and for the Oregon results to come in. The Merkley/Smith competition is a big deal. A whole lot of us are sick of the Faux moderate Smith, not to mention what it means in the Senate. And here come the NEXT President of the USA. I cannot imagine how excited Michelle is. Do you have any doubts what is possible in this country? "we are and always will be the United States of America," an elected President who can say this is such a Change.

Compliments to John McCain are answered with cheers, muted to be sure, but not a boo I could hear. The difference is marked.

The President elect. A man with the nerve to use his winning speach to tell the crowd and the TV that things will not be just fine, that we will have to work together. I do have to say, "Wow." That was a kick ass speach, thanks to everyone who voted, no matter for whom, thank you.

It is fun to win for a change.

I think I'll go home and wait for Oregon to finish.

By the way. if you look at my picture on the sidebar you'll notice quite a bit of grey. One of the consolations is that I have a clear memory of a good understanding of why three civil rights workers wound up buried in a dike and I have within my life seen this country move from that to this.


jsg said...

Three things:
1. If McCain had shown half of the class and grace during his campaign as he did after his campaign, he might not have had to give a concession speech.

2. Obama's speech contained the real straight talk. I didn't think he'd go the ponies for everyone route (just a puppy for the girls), but he said what we needed to hear. Any bobbleheads who go back to his acceptance speech looking for lies will be stumped.

3. A prediction: For the foreseeable future every single high-profile campaign will be compared to THAT ONE'S.

KISS said...

And @ 6:30 AM one still has no idea if Merkley won over Smith. I hope the new Secretary of State knows how to do a usable web page.

Chris Lowe said...

Nice post Chuck, looks like you've got a terrific crew, thanks for giving a window into Baker on a great day.

(btw my verification word is winges, bringing back to mind your Bennett comment.)

Anonymous said...

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