Saturday, November 01, 2008

If It Were Halloween

Let's just say it is Halloween and you wanted to hand out Democratic literature to folks in downtown Baker City, Oregon. Let's just say that downtown Baker City does trick or treating at the businesses. You might find yourself looking like this.

Mike Braymen is a fellow Democrat and a friend of mine from just down the street. He also usually is a better looking man than this. Not exactly an online dating picture post most would make.

Thanks Mike for taking your day off and getting out there for Democrats. Baker County Democrats and DPO owe Mike for a lot more than this, especially condsidering he works full time, business travels, and is taking an advanced degree course in an intense field. I've wanted to publicly thank Mike for some time now and this picture gave me the opportunity.

A lot of people who claim to care very much about the political process could take some lessons from people like Mike who put belief into action. Maybe you'll laugh, but this what patriotism looks like.


Phil said...

"Not exactly an online dating picture post most would make."

Well, maybe if one were courting Morticia.

Chuck Butcher said...

The original? She A bit pale, but... (or was that dead?)