Thursday, February 28, 2008

News Flash, GWB Campaigning For Obama

Maybe you're thinking you've missed a news story, nope, you've seen it. Barack Obama has repeatedly stated he would meet with foreign leaders without preconditions, so George II has stepped up to help him according to Reuters .
"I'm not suggesting there's never a time to talk, but I'm suggesting now is not the time ... to talk with Raul Castro," Bush told a White House news conference after being asked about Obama's willingness to meet with the new Cuban president, Raul Castro.

"It will send the wrong message. ... It will give great status to those who have suppressed human rights and human dignity," Bush added.

"I believe Senator Obama better stay focused on his campaign with Senator Clinton, neither of whom has secured their party's ... nomination yet," Bush added.

If you're thinking "I don't see him helping" you might be missing the dynamics, if a guy with less than 30% of the public thinking he's doing a good job says you're screwing up, that is darn good validation. Most of us have seen just exactly how good BushCo foreign policy has worked out and if they don't like it, that negativity is a pretty wonderful thing to have.

Now Hillary has to be upset that she wasn't attacked, but that attack would have had to involve plagarism of BushCo policies. That may be some of the press unfairness they've been complaining about. I'm not sure how to work it around to that, but I'm sure the pros will be able to manage. It apparently is unfair that she went from the de facto nominee to a near dozen loser and the news reported it...

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Phil said...

When someone with zero credibility tells you you're doing something wrong, you can bank on the opposite being true. An endorsement by George Bush would have been the kiss of death.

So, yeah, he's campaigning for Obama.