Thursday, February 07, 2008

Romney Quits

I just watched the live feed from the big Conservative love fest as Romney withdrew from the Primary. It was the usual red meat stuff, lower taxes, get rid of regulations, weed whack the government, terror, terror, Defeatocrats. So to save the nation from the Democrats in this time of war he's quitting. The folks at the Conservative Political Action Conference were displeased, in fact booed McCain when he mentioned having some disagreements with him.

I'm sure people tired of hearing serial lying on the news won't miss Mitt. It does give McCain the ability to start mounting a national campaign and preserve some Primary money which will not help Democrats who are still battling it out. The media is already making a rather large deal out of this. I am less convinced. McCain has to have that 'conservative' base come out for him in November so he will have to play to them and that short circuits him with Democratic leaning voters. While the media talks about saving resources they seem to forget the amount of interest the Democrats are generating in themselves.

I don't think Hillary is a good candidate to run against McCain, she is too far into his camp in some regards to bring a split and too disliked by non-affiliated voters. Obama seems able to tap into the independents and still keep the more left side of the Democrats activated. (major time out, wife stuck the SSR in the snow) In the end run, this doesn't hurt Democratic campaigns, whoever wins this is Democrat versus Republican as far as campaigning goes so Hillary versus Obama still generates interest, publicity, and contact. The real drawback for the Democrats is that the Republicans won't have Mitt's surrogates busy tearing up the party, too bad, I was just starting to enjoy myself.

One happy result may be people will stop coming here to see if Mitt is gay.


KISS said...

In regards to your comment " bring a split " Yes she is.

Zak J. said...

Jesus, KISS; way to validate all those claiming misogyny is the only thing holding Clinton back. Enough already.

Regarding Romney, there was an op-ed piece earlier this week that referred to him as "the nearest thing yet to the Platonic ideal of insincerity." Ouch! It might hurt putting it on, but the shoe fits. I guess Mitt found out "money can't buy me love." Good riddance.