Friday, February 08, 2008

Peace and Prosperity, Bush Style

"Prosperity and peace are in the balance," the president said AP reports a pre-release of GeorgeII's speach to the Conservative Political Action Convention. That would be the bunch Romney addressed while he withdrew stating he was saving the country from the success of those who'd surrender to terrorism - Democrats. Now if you ain't a plutocrat you may have missed that prosperity and if you've payed any attention at all, you may have noticed a substantial lack of peace since 2002. "So with confidence in our vision and faith in our values, let us go forward ... fight for victory ... and keep the White House in 2008." That is in itself an obvious recipe for success, after all most people think things are just fine.

"Our critics had a different view," he said. "They looked at rising violence in Iraq and declared the war was lost. Some concluded the surge had failed before it had even fully begun. ... We stood our ground and we are seeing the results. ... The progress in Iraq is fragile and there are tough days ahead, yet even the enemy recognizes that they are on the wrong side of events."
I guess we can take it as blind luck he didn't don a flight suit and ...

At some point after 1/20/09 this guy will be immaterial beyond repairing the wreckage he's made of peace and prosperity.

If you think there aren't numbers, here you go, up posts.

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