Tuesday, February 05, 2008

House Ethics Committeee - Party On

The original intent of the House Ethics Rules was to cut down on lobbyist influence at Conventions banned the lavish VIP galas honoring a Representatives, obviously the idea was going to cut down on some partying, maybe not. The committee has created a loophole of tractor trailer dimensions. The rule is interpreted as meaning parties honoring specifice Representatives and even more broadly as prohibiting only parties sponsored directly by lobbying firms.

Gee, that ought to cut down on the party graft, it isn't like lobbyists aren't any good at finding third party fund dispersers. It also doesn't seem particularly effective if a couple Representatives are lumped together, like say the Nevada delegation. Not that there would be common interests to be influenced in an entire delegation...

Well here's a hat tip to the NYT Editorial Board for noticing and having something to say.