Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Rush and McCain

Holy cow, you'd think John dumped one of the Rushbo's Oxy pill bottles, talk about unhinged on his Monday show... In case some of you dangerous traitorous Democrats hadn't noticed John McCain is out to destroy the Republican Party in revenge of his 2000 S Carolina loss. In fact he'll see to it that, "The Republican Congress will effectively be neutered." I don't want to throw a wet rag on his addled pate but chances are real good that voters will continue that particular process they started in '06. Not to mention that the squealing coming from him is rather indicative of that condition.

ABC News didn't seem nearly as amused as I am when they noted Rush warning that McCain is a "liberal" though you know as well as I it was pronounced librule. They didn't note whether he slobbered on himself when he accused McCain of courting the pro-choice voters though how that works with McCain's staunch anti-abortion stance must be a product of unspilled pill bottles. Rush wasn't quite as narrow as to just hit McCain with spray, Fred Barnes (for whom I have about as much respect - his wisdom probably comes from martini glasses rather than 'script bottles) came in for some for having the temerity to suggest conservatives give McCain a chance for reaching out to them. "Fred, you used to be one of us!" Limbaugh said. "Now you seem to be all for Republicans having its liberal wing too."

Not to pile on Rush, but I seem to remember your rants having the liberals as the only ones who coddled drug addled loons, you know, sort of like fat addicted radio hosts would be. As a dedicated Republican water carrier I'd sort of think that liberal Republican wing would be a natural home for you. I don't know, seems that devil weed must be worse than Oxycontin though the number of felonies involved in getting a weed buzz are significantly fewer, maybe it involves melanin levels.

The old standby never is far from the hand of Rush, the effete elite liberal media is naturally involved in the conspiracy, "It was just six months ago that if a candidate was endorsed by the liberal media we were instantly suspicious of them," now he said, "we've got drive-by media organizations having orgasms about McCain." You could take that as a reference to the NYT or maybe a slew of West Coast papers from Seattle to LA, but if they're not owned by Moonies they're suspect. We all know what the Oregonian is like, I mean after all look at that left wing nut cake Saxton they endorsed for Governor - you know the one, the moderately liberal Kulongoski wiped the floor with in Blue Oregon. That would be the same left loon Oregonian that endorsed McCain.

Probably McCain's worst sin is, "He's going to reach out to Democrats in Congress," which is entirely reasonble for somebody who wants troops in Iraq for the next one hundred years. Yessiree, that ought to get some slowdancing going on, right after the pro-life anti-gay Christer rant he'll give. I knew a guy who was crushed by a 6,000 pound gear that fell off a chainfall and spent a year in the hospital getting addicted to Oxycontin and even awhile after cleaning up he'd have "spells." That's a polite Southern word isn't it, Rush? Kinda State of Misery sort of word, a down home Cape Girardau effete child of privilege sort of word? A cyste on the butt 101st chAirborne microphone warrior sort of word?

I don't like John McCain's politics one bit, but while he was busy getting knocked out of the sky this faux good ole boy was nursing a cyste where his brain lives. Oh yeah, it's a serious thing those cystes, about one day in the hospital and it's gone sort of life threateningly oh no sort of military 4F sort of thing. I've got to admit, considering all their problems going into an election McCain doing their President's bidding on immigration and a toothless campaign finance law are definitely the biggies. Is it going to bother me a bunch to watch these rabbid rabbits tear themselves apart from the inside out? Only if they start handing out purple heart bandaides to McCain supporters. This is going to be fun in a sick sort of way, you know, like a multi-car NASCAR crash replay in slooooowwww motion.

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