Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Edwards Gone

Right now John Edwards is withdrawing from the Primary. I am disappointed; if nothing else he drove the populist message that ought to resonate with Democrats. It ought to resonate. It didn't.

Ending poverty and getting a fair shake for labor should be important to Democrats at any time, but particularly after the past dozen years. The numbers don't lie and neither do economic realities most of us should be able to see around us. Have we become so insular in our lives that we can't see this? An 18% share doesn't reflect this as a major concern, regarding this particular message it seems race and gender trump something that ought to be central to Democrats.

John stated he had the assurances of both candidates that they would make ending poverty and reducing income inequality central to their campaigns. Since I haven't seen such a commitment a part of their basic message I have doubts. It certainly is not a central issue for the DLC, never has been. I will not make predictions about a run to the center by the Primary candidates, they're close enough already without making much of a move. In the General such a move is more likely by the Republicans, but one still wonders.

I've been real clear about Hillary; so obviously I am now pushed into the Obama camp. I have issues with Obama, some are more serious than others. I am now put into the uncomfortable position of having to place enough faith in the authoritarian BushCo Supreme Court to put the 2nd Amendment out of the reach of fear pandering politicians. That's a stretch. How much credence do I put in "be nice" politics - not much.

I have never understood the personal enmity so common now in Congress, politics need not trump character or friendship. Certainly some uncomfortable character traits may accompany certain politics, making comradeship unlikely, but demonization is silly. Neither is it reasonable to take such a partisan stand that the other Party is cut out of debate or totally ignored, there are generally some give points, the Republicans have proven they don't see that. Some Republicans have demonstrated that their Party trumps the nation and those need to be bulldozed, but it is, at any time, ridiculous to make enemies, you will have some anyhow. Things in Congress won't have changed 1/20/09, this will have to be dealt with, so I don't take "Unity" too seriously.

I am grateful to have Obama as a fallback position, I have not been seriously opposed to him being the General candidate, just not particularly pleased. Well, that hasn't changed.

G'night John


Steve Culley said...

Always an optomist, Chuck, me I think the Supreme Court will have a problem with nullifying thousands of gun laws by affirming the individual right to keep and bear arms, that leaves the door open for the banning bunnies since they see no restriction as unreasobnable, Obama as the guardian of my guns rights, no way. There was a stink about him snubbing Hillary, he said he was talking to Clair, that's Clair as in McCaskil, don't think I like the idea of this lady having a president on her side. The second amendment is in trouble, as are the borders with either McCain or any of the democrats.
What the hell, guess I'll see you on the village green where we could hear another shot heard around the world. Obama unifying the country is about as likely as hell freezing over.

Chuck Butcher said...

I don't know what the Supremes will do, Steve. If I knew you'd have to pay big bucks to read my stuff.

You've got some "conservative" justices, if they break on the side of contemporary writings and expressed intent you know they will uphold individual right and more strongly than currently practiced - that would be the "Constructionist" ruling. The problem is that this is also an authoritarian Court which tends to break in favor of that kind of law. In my mind it is obviously an open question what competing agenda wins. I have not found this Court to be particularly concerned with the rights of individuals in comparison to the interests of the "state."

Regardless of where the Supremes come down, it is in our interests to continue to emphasize the importance of respecting the entire Constitution.