Monday, January 28, 2008

Republicans and the Presidency

Captain Ed has issued his endorsement, but first he had trouble with it:

...I have seen the field as a collection of highly accomplished, experienced candidates, almost all of whom I could support -- enthusiastically -- in a general election.
Mitt. No, really, Mitt...ahahahahahaha. I guess you have to have a certain point of view to appreciate the Republican candidates who attempt to out do each other at out doing Bush at being Bush without ever mentioning Bush. OK, now, they run like scalded dogs from his name, but - more Iraq for longer, more tax cuts, less spending (Iraq ? ), more phony god-talk, more god in government, more Democratic demonization - and it's all new. You know the line, "all new and improved," damn. Change.

No kidding, I'd like to see a respectable GOP, one that is a responsible opposition Party or governing Party. I believe the last dozen years demonstrate the problems with an unrestrained party and Democrats can look back a ways and see some of their own. The thing about this idea is that what now constitutes the Republican Party is something other than respectable or responsible. The next election is not going to improve matters, the "moderate" Republicans are quitting or are going to get handed their heads in 08, the ones left standing will be the noxious ones we've grown to love. Look at the results of 06 for illumination.

Captain Ed is supposed to be some sort of responsible Republican blogger, I don't see anything other than a reflection of the bunch that's gotten us here. His selection of Mitt should say something to you, he likes him, he's not quite conservative enough to suit, but he'll sure do fine. I'm pretty sure ole Cap has read Mitt's stuff, he'll lead the country down the same rabbit hole BushCo went down.

Some of my pals have been bruiting about the idea that Obama will transform the Republican Party by drawing Independents and moderate Republicans (Reagan Democrats -cough). I'm not going to deny the vote getting, though I think it a tad over optimistic in scale, but the reform part plumb evades me. I live in Rep. Greg Walden's OR - 2CD and having run for a shot at him I know something about it. No ordinary Democrat is even going to make Greg spend much money (he's got lots) much less threaten him and though Greg is a Bushman - Waldenbush - he's mild compared to a lot of safe Republicans and they have exactly no interest in being reasonable with Democrats. The good of the nation is secondary to their Party loyalty. They are the safe ones, the ones that will be back for President 44. Their constituents are not unhappy with them, that's why they're still there doing the same things after 06.

Yes, I'd like some uplifting rhetoric from a President rather than the language mangling platitudes of fear evoked by the current resident of the White House, but I expect ass kicking to go with it. I want the Party of fear, hate, and greed hung out for general exposure, objects of disdain and ridicule. I want them broken on the wheel of justice and decency in front of the American public. Now, that's not nice polite talk that'll do it. I want Republicans to understand that they can put up a Party that is interested in the good of the nation as a whole or get pilloried. You do not pet Rep Boehner, you bury him and his ilk.

This country has walked off a precipice with this President and undoing his damage is going to meet fierce resistance from the haters and greed heads. It is going to be nasty in DC with a Democratic president, and no amount of nice talk will change that. So far, Obama has shown he can handle Billary, but they're a different deal from the bunch that'll be in opposition in DC. Obama's supporters are fooling themselves if they think he won't need an iron fist in DC. Keeping the Democrats in some kind of order is going to be tough enough, the Republicans will hate him. Not oppose, hate.

If you think I'm fooling, look at Cap'n Ed and his idea of politics, much less the Red State's or the Malkin's ideas. How do you make a sneer in print - Mitt


KISS said...

The repugs have one mantra..Defeat, at any cost, the spirit of Franklin Delano Roosevelt.And not one dimmo has been wise enough to declare the virtues and greatness of FDR"s legacy for the average American. As I look at the harm done to the lower and middle class by every administration since LBJ it is the same dismantling of every program FDR gave to the American public.The VA program in tatters, Housing and Urban Developing, Fannie Mae[ be sure to read Alternate], Freddie Mac, Student Loan program, Social Security, Medicare, Taft-Hartley Act,Welfare act, and not least but last The Anti Monopoly laws going back before FDR. Unionism is hemorrhaging and the National Dept, once the cry and anguish of the repugs, spiraling out of control under the Bush administration. The FCC another FDR accomplishment is now a lap-dog for the corporate media empires, no more a watchdog for the American people.
People who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. I did not forget the ailing school system, that is a story in it self.

Steve Culley said...

Don't really expect the democrats to get down to business and start looking out for the middle class if they take power do you? I think they will lead with legalizig everyone who wants to hop over the border then follow that with some serious gun banning. John Edwards said it best, there isn't any difference between a corporate democrat and a corporate republican. I would like to hear a whole bunch more on these corporate free trade deals and an occassional reference to the constitution from the democrats, can't just leave all that up to Ron Paul.

KISS said...

That was my point when I said "As I look at the harm done to the lower and middle class by every administration since LBJ" The neo dimmos are not much different than the repugs..Clinton is the shining example that proves my point. All other repug give-a-ways I have mentioned here many times by Bubba. Look at the devastation of water bills, and sewage bills that came our way because Bubba allowed EPA mandates to not be backed up with infrastructure funding. Something FDR would never have done.
You are so right about these bastards not obeying the oath of office in protecting the Constitution. The cowardice of congress dimmos not impeaching is testament to the control of corporate over our government. Now is the time for voters to disclaim their party and be Independent.

Chuck Butcher said...

Since I've published numbers showing how the economy has been tilting toward wealth, you aren't going to get an argument from me about who benefits. But...

What Independent Party is there? Who are their candidates? What are their policy statements?

It amounts to "I don't like either Party, so I quit."

Over 40% of eligible voters will not vote. 90% will not give a political contribution. Around 30% will not participate in a Party as Independents. And you claim more of that will improve things? I'm a Democrat because of FDR - LBJ. I will remind you that WJC was re-elected by a large margin.

This has to do with VOTERS. I will remind you that I ran in a Dem Primary and the voters had their say, and it wasn't me.

KISS said...

Just maybe the U.S. is better to have another repug president. One of two things could avail: The dimmos would wake up and get away from the Bozos they present for corporate Amerika or a revolution might occur...not necessarily a bad thing in comparison to what we have now. If the constitution is being trashed what better reason is there? A national strike might be a wonderous thing.

Chuck Butcher said...

give me a break with the 'revolution' idea. Poll your neighbors and see how much it would take and how many would go for it. You need 70/100 that won't actively oppose you, you need 20 of them to give moral support, you need 15 of them to actually take part. sure.

What it takes is grinding extended involvement by lots of people in the process. What you've got now is 0.5% (avg) of registered Democrats at the county level. 40% of registered voters won't, 90% won't contribute to a political cause, damn near 100% will whine.