Friday, January 11, 2008

New Links

Jon Swift's post Best Blog Posts of '07... is a list of self selected posts by the non-A list blogs on Jon's Blogroll. He reminds us that Feb 3 is the one year anniversary of the blogletting of the A listers of their non-A listers on their blogrolls, leading to his and Skippy's inclusive blogrolling policy. Most of the posters featured in his "Best" are very non-A listers but there is some really good stuff out there in that category.

To that end I read the "Best" pieces from these bloggers and then their current home page and selected some that I believed my readers would like. This isn't an approval or critique of blogs, it is just my judgement that my readers would like the ones I chose. You will find them in my Blogroll with their names starting in * which groups them for your convenience. After awhile I'll remove the asterisk and they'll appear in ordinary alphabetical order. Meanwhile, please justify my time and energy by checking these folks out, and justify Jon's faith in the non-A list. Leave them a comment so they know why you came by.

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