Saturday, October 14, 2006


The Washington Post ran an article regarding George II's usage of the term - unacceptable. If you haven't been paying attention there seem to be quite a few things he finds "unacceptable." He also has shown an increasing tendency to say "Listen, ..." I thought maybe he was onto something, so Congress and you administrative syncophantic cowards,

Listen up you cretins, there are some things that are Unacceptable:

The United States of America engaging in torture - or even thinking about hairsplitting what is torture

The suspending of habeas corpus - in whatever situation

Incarceration without charges or appearance

Declaring any American an "Enemy Combatant" in this country, charge the offense - or shut up

The usage of secret evidence

Engaging in economic warfare on blue collar workers - illegal hiring, guest worker programs, turning a blind eye to an illegal immigration invasion, suspension of Davis-Bacon, suspension of overtime rules, draconian bankruptcy regulations, no minimum wage increase

Spying on American citizens - no warrant equals spying

Illegal entry into private premises - no warrant - burglars can be shot on sight in many states - that probably includes Federal Burglars - see Patriot Act. A reasonable fear for life may be construed by the simple craziness of burgling a house - check your State's law.

A tax policy that rewards wealth and punishes work

Punishing schools without funding the program they're accused of failing

Attempts to create a Theocracy in the US

Engaging in unprovoked warfare, participating in the slaughter of civilians

Practicing the Propaganda of Fear

Suppression of the vote

Selling legislative interest

Free Speech Zones - anywhere I stand in the United States of America is a free speech zone

The infringement of civil liberties - The Bill Of Rights is not negotiable nor is it optional - The 1st & 2nd Amendments make that so - exercise them.

The usage of the Secret designation for political purposes

Your violation of your oath to "protect and defend the Constitution of the United States"

Blatant attempts to violate Oregon's State's Right in the matters of medicine and vote

Playing at illegal immigration/illegal hiring for votes - pandering to racism & xenophobia

Gerrymandering of Congressional Districts - all involved parties

Paid propaganda for US consumption

Practicing tax warfare on the middle class

Creating an unbearable debt for our children

Allowing the health care of Americans to disintegrate

In short, what is really unacceptable is that you people continue to dominate the political scene.

Listen, there's nothing archaic or disposable about principled actions, there's not one thing unacceptable about informed public debate, and freedom is a risky proposition, embrace it, encourage it, love it, defend it, never be afraid of it.

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