Monday, October 09, 2006

Illegal Immigration "Crap"

There are better adjectives than "crap" for the nonsense bandied about but they tend to very rude.

Ron Saxton would like to make you very afraid that "illegals" are going to vote. Keerist! This comes from the guy who made statements about trying to make his "migrant" camps legal. Now just who were these "migrants." Were they I'm-Migrants? Were they Legal I'm-Migrants? We're to suppose that the flood of Illegal Immigrants is happening because they just can't wait to get to use a ballot. Maybe, just maybe, it has to do with economics. Like the economics of bad pay and poor housing to pick cherries beats what's at home.

My "liberal" or "progressive" counterparts bemoan my stance that illegal immigration is a serious problem. I get to hear about xenophobia and closet racism. Illegal immigration is part and parcel of illegal hiring. It's got absolutely squat to do with country of origin, culture, race, or any other damned guilt trip. It is very simply a method of depressing wages engaged in by liars and cheats and encouraged by the plutocrats running this country.

Somehow I'm supposed to give a rat's patoot that racists, xenophobes, and vote pandering Republicans think it's a bad idea. It is a bad idea. Not for their reasons. It is a bad idea because legal hard working men and women have their wages depressed so that wealthy or near wealthy can profit. The mantra is that one should feel bad for those fleeing their economically unfair nations, that somehow making those just above poverty pay for the malfunctions in foreign nations or the crap trading agreements entered into by our elites is how it should be dealt with. If this argument gets torpedoed, the next is "what ever shall we do with (x) million illegals? I know, let's encourage even more to come so that argument will really hold water. "oh but we'll plug up the border," sure you will, just like it's already been done, big fences (ummm, tunnels??). Besides, the masters of rhetorical crap - Congress - won't fund a real barrier, war, torture, and domestic spying are much more fun - and for real fun, Gay Marriage Amendments.

This stops when employers have a method of verification and then are held to real and certain consequences, like fines that'll give them an appreciation for Food Stamps and jail if they can't get the idea. This stops when illegal entry has real and certain consequences, you're gone and your property is seized as income from criminal activity. You're gone and you can either take your anchor babies with you or leave them, not very good for children - either way - but also not an excuse for illegal behavior. You're gone if you haven't committed fraud with Social Security or other, then there's jail & you're gone. There are ways beyond draconian punishment to encourage an outflow, like first up for legal entry for voluntary repatriation or...

"You're awfully harsh, you must never have done anything against the law, like speeding," well, yes I have, and I've taken the consequences for it. So what? Since a lot of people speed, we should just forget about speed limits and enforcing them? 90 mph in a school zone will then make perfect sense. About 35% of illegal employment occurs in construction, construction wages have been flat or declining since Ronnie R did his Amnesty, odd? The gateway out of poverty is now poverty, but the top 1% is getting real fat. Raise the minimum wage, well sure do it, what's that got to do with construction wages and illegal hiring?

Here's the scoop, labor creates wealth, doesn't matter if it's grown, mined, or paper, if it's worth dollars there's labor underneath it. Labor is a commodity, like any commodity if you flood the market, its value goes in the toilet. The market is flooded and worse, much of that flood isn't paying taxes, getting minimum wage, or being subject to all the other legal costs.

The argument is made that Americans won't do the jobs, no, not for substandard wages they won't. "If real wages are paid nobody could afford (x)," nonsense, labor is a small part of the cost of items in the US. Housing costs might go up a few percent, materials costs are the vast majority of the cost of a house, rising mortgage rates add considerably more. Yes, your cherries would cost more, a matter of cents not dollars. You just buy into the plutocrat arguments without doing the math, without adding in the social costs and social program costs.

We have a growing percentage of society that is underground, disenfranchised, flatly illegal and prey for every liar and cheat who'd extort them. Somehow the "nice" thing to do is just make them "legal," so nobody has to deal with it. Then what do you do with those who'd follow their example, another "legalization" in ten years? What exactly do you propose to do with the labor that slides into poverty? Tell them "tough, we've got to help these poor illegals out?" Maybe they won't like being told "tough." Maybe they'll make their objections known. No, they won't burn the houses of the namby-pamby do nothing legislators, they'll go right after the ones who "stole" their jobs, the illegals. Then you'll have racism and xenophobia enough to suit your clapped out rhetoric and "nice guy" legislation.

There's about a snowball in hell's chance this will be dealt with, it suits the plutocrats and instead of inflaming the left, leaves them fumbling and thus, the tools of the George II winners. This never gets discussed on its merits, instead it's always race and guilt, race and guilt. Too bad, there's hell to pay on its way.

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Zak J. said...

I guess you noticed how long it took for the "but you're just a bunch of racists!" so-called argument to come up in all of the recent posts on this subject.

Race has always been used in the U.S. as the smoke & mirrors to take our attention off of the real divide: class. (I have to suspect most of those hurling the racist label around so freely are upper-middle class whites living in segregated neighborhoods, but that's just a hunch.)

I just wish more people who make policy had some history of blue collar work behind them.