Saturday, October 21, 2006

Hello Uncle Sammy, Am I an Enemy Combatant?

Isn't this just odd, out of my limited hit list for this Blog there is one regular visitor, US House of Representatives Information System. They don't seem to stay very long, in fact 0.00 minutes, but I must have done something to pique their interest. No search items are listed, they just hit the opening page. There are a lot of Blogs out there and it would seem like an incredible waste for them to hit all of them.

This may have something to do with this having been a political campaign blog for a US House position, then again it may have something to do with something else, entirely. It does pique my curiousity. Site meters are an interesting thing to have, they also can be a little ego deflating if a Blogger had an idea he was having some large effect. Fortunately for me, I just stick this stuff out there, for my own sake, for my own sanity; I cannot stand the idea of being kicked around without kicking back, even if I'm the only one who knows I'm kicking back.

I know I'm not a particular government target, I'm just a part of the herd that they kick around, so I take great glee from separating myself from the herd and kicking particular targets back. It's good for the soul and maybe sometimes I validate someone else's ideas or provoke some thinking; and that's a good thing, too. If I manage to piss-off the miscreants that're running this government, that'd be real nice as well, I don't scare worth spit and I can be a real handful if I get cornered. I can save them some paperwork, I am an Enemy Combatant, I am the enemy of any official who abrogates the Constitution or the Bill of Rights and the level of my combativeness is directly related to the level of offense versus remedy and just how personal they'd like to get with me.

Since the US Congress has said that the President can "disappear" American citizens one might think that ducking would be a good idea, well, I think it's a particularly bad idea. I think that the only real recourse is to push these rats as far as possible, to poke them in the eye repeatedly and enthusiastically, and then step back and say, "So?" It would really improve my hit statistics if all those alphabet soup agencies started reading this. I won't hold my breath.

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t.a. said...

hey Chuck, just make sure you leave a set of extra keys for your vehicle in case you do disappear. and the house. and anything else of use. no sense letting that all go to waste just because you turn out to be an enemy of the president, i mean the nation.

been nice knowing ya!!!

(hey, this is weird: the captcha text i have to type in for this comment: idgwb -- id gwb -- that's just too weird. now i'm scared. do i hear the black helicopters coming?)