Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Ron Saxton for Dog-catcher

Ted Kulongoski is Governor of the State of Oregon and he's had to make some decisions that haven't pleased every one, or even most of his base. Well, gee, and you want what from your Governor, that he'll just go a long to get along as the State goes in the ashcan?

Well if that's what you'd like I have just the guy for you, Ron Saxton. This guy has taken all the stands, mutually exclusive though they might be. Cut your taxes, raise your services. Fix education by spending smarter, he's proven he can spend a lot and beg for more and then raise nothing. He can fix education for his kid, he'll just move and keep the previous address for his political convenience. He really likes George II, maximum donation likes him, but he's an independent thinker (George II and thinking in the same sentence??) Boy illegal immigrants are a problem for him (not because they depress wages, but they're furriners who might vote) but when them cherries need a pickin he knows how to build an immigrant camp. He'll give you ten seconds to come up with something the Governor has done, but won't spend ten seconds telling you what the Party he represents has done to obstruct the State's business or what he's actually done. He cares about kids, he's proved he cares about his, now his little work around cost some other kid but that don't count - they're probably poor and poor people don't vote. Speaking of vote, he's all worried about votes, but he sure hasn't had a negative word about the House Voting Security Bill that'll strip you of your vote if you can't manage their BS. It's definitely in the Republican Party's favor to depress the general vote, then their narrow ideological base counts for more. See Saxtonwatch for more details on why this guy would be a disaster as dog-catcher, much less Governor. (hey Ron, G - O - V - E - R - N - O - R, Mr Eddykashun) That's not nice, it's really hard to get good help, especially with that base to work from - maybe try an immigrant for spell checking.

By the way, Ted Kulongoski is a hell of a guy, that's a story that ought to be good fiction instead of fact, and you're damn right he cares, a lot. Too bad for Ron, it's tough to run against that kind of character with so little ammunition. Hell, my dog ain't even scared.

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