Thursday, October 26, 2006

Letter to Baker City Herald - Oct 25, 2006

Baker City Herald ( Letter to Editor

Mr Editor,
While I was not surprised by the Herald’s endorsement of Greg Walden, I was disappointed. The issue was made that Walden has broken with the President on a couple issues, no Democrat would have voted with the President on those issues. Then there’s the Salvage Bill, which inflames the debate rather than addressing it. The problem with Walden is the votes the President likes. The Vote Security Bill which directly threatens Oregon’s vote by mail in search of a problem that doesn’t exist (despite R Saxton). The Patriot Act, Terrorism Act, and Detainees Act all combine to create a situation in which the President can declare a US citizen an Enemy Combatant, deny them a court appearance, subject them to extraordinary interrogation (torture), and hold them for an indeterminate time. Add into the mix that your conversations are no longer secure, that the FBI can burgle your house; both with no warrants. This makes the “gun-banners” look scary? Walden voted for this mess. Carol Voisin is not a gun-banner, by the way, nor would she have voted to abridge the Constitution.

Walden voted to tie a minimum wage increase to more tax breaks exclusively for the rich. Walden voted to spend our children’s future without cost to our generation. Walden has repeatedly voted to “stay the course” in Iraq. Walden voted to make Medicare a drug company benefit. Legislation important to farmers and ranchers does not leave his committee. I ‘m seriously confused as to what it is that makes Greg Walden a superior candidate in the United States of America or the Oregon Second Congressional District. As far as I can tell, he’s an incumbent, he hasn’t stolen any money, and he doesn’t chase boys are his qualifications.

Obviously Carol Voisin and I have differences, we were opponents in the Primary; but her worst politics are a vast improvement over Greg Walden’s. I do have some basis to know this. Get to know her. Vote; it always makes a difference.

C Butcher
Baker City
Construction Contractor

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