Saturday, October 14, 2006

Greg Waldenbush Endorses Saxton's Idea of Housing

Hey Ron Saxton, where's the I-9s ? Posted by Picasa

Picture pulled from Riddenbaugh Press, if you don't know this site, get acquainted for good writing and great political analysis.

C'mon, Walden endorses - School Board Chair, Rural Issues, Forest Safety, he'd be a Governor who'd look out for Oregonians...

Well this is the kind of housing he thinks is adequate for workers in Oregon, it's his Migrant Housing, you know, where they kept the workers they don't know the "legality" of. I'm sure the schooling was reasonably priced. It'd be unfair to pick on the forestry practices of whacking down the cherry trees to plant grapes, I suppose...

But really, I do better by my dog, and all he produces is slobber and dog poo. Then again, I do like him and don't accuse him of over-running the State and trying to vote. I can't get him to give up with his political persuasion - though I do know he's dead-set against UPS trucks, Coyotes, and illegal immigrant cats in his yard - and yes, 150 pounds of white dog persuades those illegal cats to leave, suddenly.

Somehow it seems as if waldenbushandsaxton ought to make a real nice couple, they both serve a very narrow set of interests and seem to be able to kid the general Republican voter that they have their interests at heart. Not that either of their records would indicate such a thing, but you don't have to give accurate information in your political ads, just not let your lies get so outrageous that they're actionable.

Here's how this works, waldenbush stands on a dike with Klamath farmers for some photos and goes back to DC and does absolutely not squat about it, saxton cries about illegals after he's a part of the problem - it wasn't an issue, then; and some of the public buys into it.

I do not agree with everything Ted Kulongoski has done, but he's been a man of principle, he's made the hard choices when they had to be made and owned them. He hasn't ducked - it wasn't an issue, then - he doesn't lie to Oregonians, and he doesn't try to scare them. When he says he cares about Oregonians nobody has a picture like this to stick in his face, he does care. He's been there, he's made something out of a very difficult beginning, he didn't inherit wealth and influence - he earned it and didn't get very rich in the process. When Ted talks about work, you hear a construction worker talking to you, and I'll flat out guarantee you that it is work.

If you like those two guys, then George II is your kind of guy and mismanagement, lies, fear, no principles, and corruption are your milk and honey.

This picture ought to be everywhere Saxton goes, too bad I'm only a little read lefty blogger...

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