Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Olympia Who ?

One one fortieth of the GOP Senatorial caucus voted to move the Baucus abortion out of Committee and that one one fortieth is real important? That was 10% of the GOP representation on the long stalled Finance Committee that voted to move on and now it is called bi-partisan support. I don't propose to set a floor for the definition of bi-partisan but the term seems to indicate cooperation rather than single defection from a Berlin Wall position.

It takes 60 votes to bring a bill to the floor for vote at which time it takes 51 to pass it (assuming a full Chamber). HealthInc lap-dog Democrats like Baucus can go home and tell their lunatic fringe they voted against it once it reached the floor and still have something useful pass. Olympia Snow doesn't matter one iota unless you you somehow count that one one fortieth as being bi-partisan and I don't know who the hell you sell that to. If you could get, say one quarter, of the Confederate Party of Republicanism to go along the Public might start thinking,"Hey, they can work together for our good." If you got one tenth of the GOP you might be able to sell it to the weaker of mind and more Pollyannaish. One GOP Senator is damn laughable.

I'd like to see responsible government in which the two Parties worked for the general good of the public. That would mean that some significant portion of each Party voted together disregarding the partisan advantage of defeating the other Party's measure for no other reason than to defeat it. That would require something that is not in evidence today in the GOP. One Party rule is bad for the US, in this environment it also seems to be the alternative to sitting on hands. Given that the alternatives are doing something or doing nothing; the GOP and Olympia are meaningless and subject only to mockery.

Instead, Olympia Who becomes the most important vote in the goddam Senate. WTF?

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