Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Keep America Safe ... Um

Liz Cheney has hooked up with Bill Kristol to form a non-profit (I've got a bridge...)called of all things, "Keep America Safe." Now I am not a fan reader of Bill Kristol but I am familiar with his record on issues concerning national security - wrong going on massive fail. I 'm not talking about opinions that haven't been tested, I talking about point blank statements proven absolutely false. He has as much credibility on national security as my dog does.

Liz Cheney is who? Other than the spawn of a Dick and a nepotistic State Department appointment she has done what? Well she was a part of the transition in Iraq that went so horridly wrong and then she was a part of the Syria and Lebanon desk - that went well. She gets a lot of air time lately, for some reason.

It has been rumored she'd like to run for office in VA. That should get a lot of the monsters in the closet and sadist vote - since I'm not from VA I won't speculate on the percentages. The tough girl smirk and arrogance would probably work better in TX, especially if she can work some dog whistle racism in. You'd hope a majority would find her as repellent as I do, but ... well, this is America.

I will say that none of Liz being in the public view really hurts my feelings politically. She keeps alive the crazy of the BushCo years and keeps it in front of people who might start to forget what it actually was like. Oh, yeah, about the Safe part ... ahahahahahahaha

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