Monday, October 12, 2009

A Gay Speech By The President

There sure has been a lot of steam and noise since the President spoke to HRC regarding the gay agenda. I'm not even going to bother to link to the critiques, if you read the 'net you know about it. I will point out that I've even heard GOP operatives criticize Obama for inaction and state how friendly they are (really not kidding you here). I've heard a lot about how Obama is in campaign mode rather than Presidential so I'd like to go somewhere I'd assumed was obvious.

There is a vast difference between Candidate and sitting President and just a small measure of that difference applies to speeches given by one. A Candidate has no power regardless of how powerful their rhetoric, they are trying to get power by getting enough votes to get elected. They may get press and hope to do so, but everyone knows it is a campaign speech. A President is already elected, a President has power and a very real portion of that power is that what he says is important. Referring to someone essentially immaterial as a "jackass" is press fodder for days. A filmed and televised speech to something like HRC is important and a President with any brains knows that.

Such a speech is a clear and very public signal to the Legislative Branch (or other in other circumstances) of the President's desired actions. It tells them that 'the most powerful man in the world' wants something. This is quite different than sending a letter down to Congress, it is done with the public's informed participation. It is a stirring of the pot with a very big stick. It is intended not only to inform Congress but to stir the public into comment and action. Boy, has it generated comment... That's not supposed to be the end of it, it is supposed to drive that fervor toward its intended target, in this case the Legislature. I'm less confident that is happening.

I'm not an Obamabot, I've had my disagreements (some of them pretty angry) with the President, but in this case I'm in his corner. I want something done sooner than later to address these issues but I also want something that will stand, something like Law that the SCOTUS will defend against all comers. Those who haven't engaged in the 2nd A battles might be unaware of how every half-ass will try to find some way around it, anyhow. Those interested in abortion rights will certainly understand . Congress responds to letters from its constituents so I'm asking for letters in response to what the President said, letters that will persuade not angry toss-offs.

I'm a straightmarriedgunowningHarleyridingdragracerconstructionNE-OR guy and I'm also a strong ally of the DPO LGBT Caucus and some other organizations like BRO (however odd that may seem). These people are in some cases my friends and many are colleagues and I want them treated with justice and fairness by the state. I don't care about religions or emotional baggage, just the state and my own behavior. I expect a lot of people find themselve in that position, my delegation is already (with one glaring omission) in the right place, so please help the President out with this with your less committed ones.

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