Monday, October 12, 2009

Mess With Us And We'll F**k You Up - AHIP

Association of Health Insurance Providers today, on the eve of the Baucus Bill vote in the Finance Committee, released a report commissioned from Price Watershouse Coopers that says the HealthInc bunch will raise rates 40% and then 70% and then 110% at the end of 10 years. I think you get the idea.

I shoot guns and I like them, but I don't much care for one held to my head. So...?


edwin sanchez said...

This new information was based on a study performed by Price Waterhouse, who was hired by the insurance lobbyist. This study looked at the cost, without any attention being payed to the cost savings within the bill. The overall result was so inaccurate, that the accountants who participated in the study distanced themselves, and explained just that. To look at this for what it really is, is to know that the insurance companies are basically saying, pass this bill and we raise your premiums!

Chuck Butcher said...

Kinda like the title?

Chuck Butcher said...

thanks edwin