Saturday, October 24, 2009

Faux News Persecution

The latest round of lying dissembling Republican propaganda arm Fox News horseshit is that the Obama administration tried to exclude them from a press opportunity with Treasury official Kenneth Feinberg. That would be rather unseemly even in the face of the behavior of that organization, it would be if it ever happened. How odd, a "respectable news" organization tells an absolute falsehood slamming the President. (note: black Democratic President)

Evidently Faux News Chief Roger Ailes isn't going to run for the Republican Presidential nomination. It should say something to you that it seemed a good idea to prominent Republicans to run the ex-(sorta)Republican Presidential Flack now FN Chief for President because he's a good political operator despite zip, nada policy or governing credentials.

The really sad part of this is that it will put not the least bit of dampener on the FN fans. They will protest and scream and throw tantrums over the evil Obama thugs' behavior because they'll never see its refutation. Not only will they not watch somebody who isn't in their loon corner - those somebodies will not make any kind of a deal about it.

It seems to be persecution of the press for the Obama administration to criticize the Faux News reporting and assorted idiocies and that they don't call on them in press events. If the administration were indulging in any of the BushCo tricks I'd be real damn critical, but you could see Glenn Greenwald to find out just what utter nonsense that is. The fact is that you'd get better reporting from one of the grocery store checkout aisle tabloids than the outfit the MSM has been commiserating with - to even things out they should be defending the "My Uncle Was A Space Alien" reports also.

So you wonder why the news media is in finacial trouble?


crallspace said...

I like to keep up on Fox Noise via

Good source, occasionally some pretty witty analysis.

Some whacko conservative friend of mine on facebook claims that the White house has "declared war on Fox." That network has some nerve to say that... that and just about everything else they say.

Are there a lot of Fox NewsTards out yonder in Baker City?

Chuck Butcher said...

"Are there a lot of Fox NewsTards out yonder in Baker City?"

Sure, they're everywhere. More's the pity.

KRV said...

Imagine the shock at Faux HQ. After years of getting lies fresh from the White House; they have to make up lies on their own.

The horror. The horror.