Tuesday, September 29, 2009

What's In A Name?

The Senate Finance Committee voted down the Rockefeller Public Option Amendment 15-8 and the Schumer Amendment on the same topic 13-10 and this brings forward the question above. The name Finance should tell you who the big players are and who owns enough Senators to blow this one away. If you really don't like what you've found out about who runs the show, then maybe you might want to think about running someone else against them in those things called Primaries.

I can't help you with that, I live in Oregon and my Senators seem to be 'the good guys' and I'll be damned if I'll move to your state - I think you've just seen why.


lauren lane said...

My concern with this health care reform, as an Independent, is that it’s all over the place, there are not enough specifics and it must be put into writing and as if “written in stone” so that not every illegal that comes to the US will get free healthcare and those that work hard all their citizen life in US pay for every “Tom, Dick and Harry”

Chuck Butcher said...

Oddly enough, despite the (R) rhetoric it is plainly stated that it will not.