Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Painting The HealthInc Whorehouse

SF Gate got this somewhere:
"Can you believe these congresspersons with lifetime free medical benefits saying how the rest of Americans don't need guaranteed health care?" asks Janice Hough. "Sort of like guys on their second and third wives voting against gay marriage."

Congress is working up to throwing a paint job on the whorehouse known as HealthInc and calling it the Reform House while all us get screwed. Why do I get the distinct feeling that Congress, er, the Senate is a wholly owned subsidiary of investment banking and HealthInc? You wonder why I bother to toss the investment banks in here, maybe gratuitously? Where do you think those premium payments get put, surely not paying claims?

I had a conversation with a friend (I'd rather credit him, but he'd rather not) of mine this evening, and he put into words something that's been knocking around in my head without jelling into coherence. Back in the primary campaign something that was bruited about was that Hillary's great strength was her ability to work the backrooms and that Obama's was his ability to work the crowd. One has to wonder why the strategy on HealthInc isn't concentrating on Obama's long suit? All the moves so far are the wheeling and dealing and processes of Congress - as though the recalcitrant pols will do anything at all before the public steamrolls them. If the President takes this thing seriously it would seem that the American public would be his target audience, not Blue Dogs, not the Confederate Party of Republicanism.

At times I, and people like me, have been of political use to the Democratic Party and I'm a bit confused as to why we have bothered to be of use. I was under the impression that the Confederate Party of Republicanism LOST in a big way in '06 & '08. Is it some airy fairy idealism to think that means something? Comments?


Dusty said...

Is it some airy fairy idealism to think that means something? ~ Um, no.

The way it was explained to me, via a pol btw, is that those Rethugs were replaced with Blue Dogs.

Blue Dogs aren't easy to pick out of a box of Rethugs because they are basically Rethugs in Dem clothing.

jf said...

Always like to gt your perspective on this stuff. I might be wrong, but I get the sense that the wingnut influence on the news cycle has peaked, as evidenced by commercial sponsors leaving Glen Beck, for example.

Reasonable people understand a lot of the opposition to Obama is coming from supporters of League of the South and the like. Proctor & Gamble doesn't want to get into bed with the League of the South.