Monday, September 14, 2009

Upcoming, The Joe Finder Debate

Joe Finder didn't like what I had to say in regard to his article and offered, both here and in an email, to debate it so I offered up a methodology he agrees with. I have noted to Joe that considering the impact of this blog and its general distribution his time at this is worth more than mine but he seems to want to have this out in blog public.

I'll make every effort to skin him, but I'll do it fairly because that's the only way it counts. I give him this opportunity because he's not in the loon category and that makes his argument both worth engaging and dangerous. The comments section is your space and I leave it be short of atrocious behavior, this is my space and I offer it or engage within it at my discretion for my reasons, Joe meets my reasons - don't expect it just because it has happened this time.

I'd like to say this about my philosophy of blogging, while I try to avoid the necessity when I screw up I apologize and that anyone I directly attack should have access to rebut in comments and if they desire the opportunity to get chewed up on the main page they can ask for it. Yes, I'd have to be convinced that I should because I have no time for loons and arguing with them is a waste of breath and bytes.

We're going to do this by email and it will be posted here. There may be some conversion issues I have to deal with that require editing but the words won't be messed with. Email addresses and other such headers or closings (Regards, Chuck) will be deleted. Whether this turns into a string of emails or not is up to the participants equally and private conversation isn't included.

I will tell you that I'm willing to like Joe (wrong as he may be) because he has the desire to defend his article here in public regardless of its small effect on his reputation by doing it here. Most of my targets ignore it or are ignorant of it so that says something about him. I don't see this as a partisan argument other than that the Confederate Party of Republicanism wants it to be and that isn't Joe's approach - that's an element of private disclosure that Joe won't mind. The ground rules are simple: you get it all and we'll be civil.

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