Wednesday, September 09, 2009

The Republic Under Assault

First it was GW Bush bailing out the bankers, John Sydney McCain had to suspend his campaign and dash to DC to help out ... er ... be there. Plutocracy was skidding into a ditch, well, not really - just a little zig once the BushCo stepped up. Then the unthinkable, the black guy - a Democrat - won against an old white guy POW. The sun stopped in the sky, birds fell like stones, and a plague of hope - iness befell the land. As Recession stalked the land, the Negro and his fellow traveler Democrats passed a Stimulus Bill throwing money at America instead of at blowing up brown people someplace else, at falling down bridges, broken roads, well you know - fixing things. (kinda like that Commie Eisenhower aping the Nazi Autobahn) It didn't stop there, failing American auto companies threatened to drag a huge section of the economy into the toilet so the Govt. stepped in - socialism taking actual root. Teabaggers are mocked, birthers ignored in Courts, and wonders of wonders - the ultimate in fascistic socialism - health care rears its head. Feds between you and your doc, death panels offing your Granny and disabled ex-Governor baby, and worse yet - discriminating against members of the Confederate Party of Republicanism.

The Liberal Media Plot has finally born fruit, CPoR (formerly GOP) reduced to a meaningless minority in the House and deprived by numbers of its Fillibuster power in the Senate. Deposed of their power in Congress and the White House Republicans are reduced to out-appearing Democrats in Mass Media by 2-4:1 unchallenged on any points they care to make - allowed to make asses of themselves by the wily lefty press. That Kenyan pretenderPresident thinks he can have access to the innocents in school to fill their heads with ... well, stuff. There are Czars in the Administration, unvetted by Congress and unblocked by CPoR - Russian sounding, Commies probably to take such a name. Instead of Free Speach Zones to corral Libruls the Right is now forced to scream and shout and carry guns and Nazi signs to Congressional and Presidential events - the death of liberty cannot be far away.

The signposts are clear, rather than quietly and illegally spy on Americans the Black guy asks for the damning emails and posts about his programs. Instead of fixing the economy with tinkle down tax breaks for the rich the Socialist leaves it in the ditch to further his goal of Federal take over of business. In fact he proposes to raise the taxes of the rich job providers to rates quite a bit lower than St Ronnie's levels undoing all GWB's good work. The elite black snob racist refuses to respond to the Southern dog whistles proving his hatred of the white race and all things truly American. He interferes in things not his business like the arrest of a black Harvard professor in his own home by calling it stupid police work when he could be calling Congress into session to act for some poor brain dead white woman screwed into dying by State Law and State Courts.

The Republic is under assault and failing. It is time for all true Americans to rally to Michelle Bachman and Rushboe and stamp their feet and throw themselves on the floor squealing. A REAL American would.

*A note on the Minute Man, these dumbasses have no clue that they'd have been Tories not Revolutionaries...

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