Tuesday, July 07, 2009

When Quitting Ain't Quitting...Or Something

I'll admit I've sat on the Palin resignation for awhile, partly because I was at a motorcycle rally and missed the news when it happened and since then...well I've wasted time trying to figure out what she was talking about.

When I've heard "a higher calling" referred to it generally had something to do with god or simple unrecompensed service. Given the "desecration" term applied to Momma Palin and baby modified Trig there may be some Ascension in the works, but I'm doubtful. As far as I've been able to tell, Palin very much cares about being compensated monetarily, soooo.... I think there will be money. Lots.

Now I don't usually play grammar police or dictionary detective but the word quit or quitter don't seem to have many contradictory meanings. She has said pretty plainly (given that it was Palin speech) that quitters suck. (there seemed to be an implication that the left or libruls were it) Now I've had a problem working out how this works; not walking away from an elected position would be quitting and quitting is making the good fight. The easy way would be to spend the next year and a half doing the grunt work of running a state and trying to get along with a recalcitrant legislature and, rather than squabbling with critics, showing the critics why they are wrong. Actually that sounds like a tough job, especially with people being soooo mean.

I hear/read people talking about how crass and mean modern politics is, and I laugh my ass off. In the world of 24/7 news things get around faster and get farther around, but even the cretinous stupidity of Fox News is light weight blather. Maybe historical ignorance is a badge of honor or something in certain circles, but an easy question for these folks is just exactly what was it that Burr shot Hamilton for? Political speech - hey, you betcha. If I had a ten spot for every time the accusation of "palling around with terrorists" passed her lips I could take some serious Harley rides on the soon to be ex-Governor's ticket.

(parenthetically I've wondered for a while how it is that these tough talking kick ass Republicans manage to be such victims of practically everything in the world. Apparently being a personally responsible hard guy Republican means being able to crotch kick at will but folding into a whining tear stained pile over being bitch slapped.)

The post script to the quitter not quitting speech was pure gold, a threat of legal action against any reporting of rumors about her Ladyship and misbehavior. It seems the legal talent these Alaskan nimrods employ is equal in talent to Palin and unable to grasp the meaning of "public figure." As long as she wishes to put herself in front of the public I am free to mock her, satirize her, and report on any scurrilous rumor that is bruited about - entirely free of legal consequences. It is not only correct but also legally permissible for me to note that Sarah Palin is a lying ten pounds in a five pound sack of Republican dog-pile. I breathlessly await her legal beagle taking me on...

David Letterman may have told a stupid joke about her daughter, but Sarah made a stupid joke of herself with her own mouth and tactics. No one in the MSM or Blogosphere had to do spit other than pay attention and quote her. That does mean quote her, not only accurately but also in context. Some people wishfully prognosticate that she's done for politically, not so. She will be given a platform to purvey stupidity and meanness to the American public and be well paid for it. It has nothing to do with earning anything, beyond mockery, but with notoriety achieved at the hands of a deluded McPOW campaign. She takes herself entirely too seriously for it to be the Comedy Central Network so it about has to be the comedy of FoxNews, which takes jokes quite seriously.

It is a common right wing meme to assert that the left is scared of her and hates her, I may have been worried that a purported centrist like McCain could carry her into office with himself, but I have no fear that as a ticket leader she poses the least threat to any fairly credible Democratic Presidential candidate. I could care less if she stayed Governor or got a FoxNews time slot to gibber from, she is her own worst political enemy and a great example of why Republicans should be avoided at the ballot box. The thinking that in low turnout off-year elections she could be a factor by turning out the base ignores the reaction of the middle and the left to her politics and her in general and especially to the appearance of her rallies.

All I can say is "Go Girl"

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