Tuesday, July 07, 2009

So, Would You Blog Or Do This

C'mon, 4th of July weekend and a motorcycle rally or stay home and amuse 5 readers not out for the weekend? High Desert Motorcycle Rally in Ontario, Oregon.

as always click pic for full size

Now for other fireworks you could look to High Desert Harley Davidson for the Harley Girls at a Meridain, Idaho barbecue for bike builder Chica. Thunderstorm cells produced cross winds from hell on the ride over, up to 60mph which allowed the Screaming Eagle to demonstrate its superior stability, admirably.

The Poker Run was up one side of the OR/ID border and down the other, this shot is of one side of the street and half the bikes at this location. Since the phone camera doesn't allow data entry I can't tell you which town.

Another town and less than half the bikes there, you'd think a mess composed of no more than 3 in a suit and A,2,3,5,7 might be a winner for low hand - hah. Around 100 miles of riding with cool motor scooters and a drink waiting at every stop - seven total. One thing about being a sober person is that many iced-teas won't generate poor behavior or tickets.

A Governor can resign and the President take trips and a blog get neglected when it comes to this kind of fun. Three bands played, Witch Burn, 57 Heavy, and the Pat Travers Band, fire works, lotteries, food stands, bike and car show, and lots of riders.

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Zak Johnson said...

Damn, Chuck. Looks like you're living right. I was in Fossil earlier this spring when A.B.A.T.E. had their annual trip there (just coincidence). Nothing quite as inspirational as the 99%'ers when it comes to good times.