Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Sen Jeff Session (R-AL) Confederate Party of Republicanism

It is a real shame to hold up an accent as emblematic of something particularly noxious, Jeff Sessions' Alabama accent put up all the almost dog whistles of racism while "questioning" Sonja Stotomayor. One could look at this statement as projection if it weren't for Sessions own failed hearings for a federal bench. This would be the fellow who joked that the KKK wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for their use of pot and that the NAACP and ACLU are communist inspired and try to force civil rights down people's throats. That might have been enough, but attacking a man as a disgrace to his race for defending black people was kind of icing on the cake.

Sessions repeatedly brought up country of origin or race and gender in attacking Sotomayor. He repeatedly used out of context quotes to make the same point Sotomayor had made and went as far as trying to use a female judge's opinions on judging against her - a judge sitting behind Sotomayor in support of her. The pathetic last remnants of the Confederate Army are wearing Rs in the Senate this week and being as bad at politics as Lee was at Gettysburg. One could only hope that the end results would be the same.


Zak Johnson said...

The Blue & the Red isn't that different than the Blue and the Gray. I bought into the color scheme a few years back without thinking about it, but increasingly am worried about divisive symbolism. The secessionist talk from the GOP--from Palin's husband to the actual sitting Gov. of Texas--always has the civil war subtext (speaking of dog whistles) and racial supremacist appeal that goes along with that. In that regard, Sessions is not alone or nearly the worst. More's the pity.

Chuck Butcher said...

I can't believe they really want to go down this road ... but they are.