Friday, July 17, 2009

Pat Buchannon, Icon Of The CPoR

Too bad the initials of the Confederate Party of Republicanism don't spell something rude. There have been times I've admired Pat's political insights without agreeing with his politics ... or racism. What he is up to now isn't politics beyond winding up the racists. Sotomayor followed established precedent and the law in the Ricci (firefighters case). She did not in any sense go out on a limb to advance minorities at the expense of anyone (whites).

Pat made no case about Clarence Thomas being an affirmative action kid, but Sotomayor is defined by that appellation - it is her entire metre. He is furious. The Second District Ricci decision is some form of aborted justice and it is her doing. Never mind that the City itself pulled back from the test and had it checked by experts or that the Supreme Court in reversing set a new standard rather than following established law. Sotomayor is a militant for following the law rather than creating a new standard - she's an activist ... somehow.

The descent of the Republican Party into the CPoR should be distressing to its members, but their behavior doesn't indicate that. Republicans have a favorability rating for Palin at 73%, no kidding. It seems the longer Obama is in office the farther off the rails they run. As you watch the Senate confirmation hearings on Sotomayor you see actual elected Senators careening into the racist ditch along with the unelected Pat - and you can only shake your head.

Why Pat is given air time for this particular crap is a mystery to me.


asiangrrlMN said...

Chuck, thank you so much for this post. I just watched part of the segment of Pat on Rachel's show, and I ended up punching my wall because I was so furious at him. It helps to know that I am not the only one who thinks he's disgusting.

Zak Johnson said...

Buchanan conveniently forgets how recently the Irish were viewed as undesirables. Always odd to see how soon people forget about how many times they used the servants' entrance once they get the keys to the front door.

Read "How the Irish Became White" sometime, fascinating social history.

Micgar said...

I heard about this on Kirby's blog and suffice to say, I think Buchanon's starting to get a little touched in the head. He's always kind of been there, maybe swung to one side or the other, but this time he's really swaying to the looneytunes.