Sunday, February 19, 2006

Waldenbush Rural Votes, Thanks Greg

If you give the wealthy big tax breaks and run a war and have some little things like hurricanes happen you get a deficit, a really big deficit. The RNC and waldenbush ran on "values" with the idea that it would play well in Rural America. Judging from the vote breakdown it did, so here's what their "values" amount to.

The waldnenbush votes:

Education, Health Care, Heating Assistance, Rural Firefighters, Food Stamps & Other Resources Needed Here

Voted to cut food stamps, health care, college student loans, Medicaid, child support enforcement, foster care, Social Security Insurance for the disabled and many rural programs. The H.R. 4241 bill summary said this bill: "terminates funding for… valued-added agricultural product market development grants, rural business investment programs, rural business strategic investment grants, rural firefighters and emergency personnel grants, and for initiative for future food and agriculture systems." If Walden had voted no, it would have been a tie [the same as not passing]. Instead -- WALDEN CAST A DECIDING VOTE TO CUT RURAL PROGRAMS, HEALTH CARE, FOOD STAMPS, FOSTER CARE AND OTHER FUNDS FOR POOR AND MIDDLE CLASS PEOPLE.
[H.R. 4241 (Passed 217 to 215) – Roll Call Vote #601 (11/18/05)]

Voted to cut funds for rural health care, community college grants, heating assistance for low-income families and education (the first cut in education in a decade). Although Walden and Tom Delay voted for this, 22 Republicans voted no. This failed despite Walden's vote. WALDEN VOTED TO CUT EDUCATION, HEALTH CARE, HEATING ASSISTANCE AND OTHER FUNDS FOR POOR AND MIDDLE CLASS PEOPLE.
[H.R. 3010 (Failed 224-209) – Roll Call Vote #598 (11/17/05)]

Voted against reducing proposed tax breaks to the wealthy. Rep. Obey said, with this amendment, people making more than $1 million would average $27,000 more in tax cuts instead of $140,000, saving $10 billion for deficit reduction and $16 billion for education, health, science, veterans, homeland security, environment, law enforcement and community development. WALDEN VOTED FOR LARGER TAX CUTS FOR THE RICH.
[H.Amdt. 66 (Failed 180 to 242 – A no vote kept tax cuts at a higher level than proposed in this amendment.) - Roll Call Vote #82 (3/17/05)]

Voted to give wealthy Americans an additional $106 billion in tax cuts. Rep. Slaughter said this budget cuts more than $20 billion from Medicaid, $21 billion from student loans, Pell grants and other educational spending, and more than $5 billion from farm nutrition programs, slashing the food stamp program. WALDEN VOTED TO CUT MEDICAID, STUDENT LOANS, FOOD STAMPS & TO INCREASE TAX CUTS FOR THE RICH.
[H.Res. 154 (Passed 228 to 196) - Roll Call Vote #79 (3/16/05)]

Voted against raising payments to rural hospitals to bring their funding up to the same level as urban hospitals. WALDEN VOTED NO TO MORE MONEY FOR RURAL HOSPITALS.
[H.J.Res. 18 (Failed 195 to 215) - Roll Call Vote #18 (2/5/03)]

I know where I live and who lives here, I guess waldenbush has forgotten or maybe you never were important to him. This is my home and it's important to me and the nation. We take care of the vast majority of American land and people here are different than their urban compatriots, this counts for a lot. Certainly, the votes aren't here in the House and the sham dress-up these people play at for votes doesn't mean they have a clue. It's up to the rural representative to carry the message of the importance and difficulty of being rural. And then vote like it's understood.

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