Sunday, February 19, 2006

Our Veterans

American veterans have given more to this nation than anyone. They have risked everything because our nation asked them to. We told them we would look out for their interests. GWB, the RNC, and Greg Walden now tell them "Too bad, we've got a deficit."

More is known now about veterans' issues than when these programs were instituted and this knowledge has actually made these issues more complex and threatening. The waldenbush solution is to cut programs. I am not a veteran, but I am the recipient of their actions and sacrifices and I'm not happy to have to take any credit for the actions of this Congress and Administration in this regard. We don't get to duck the responsibility no matter who we voted for, these people "represent" all of us. If you don't want to vote for Chuck, that's fine, then get on the phone, write letters, rant at your neighbors, whatever you can think of to put a stop to this. I am truly ashamed and I am doing what I can.


Bluesman said...

Chuck, you have said what most people feel.

Bluesman said...

And, are not man enough to stand up and say it

Hit em hard Chuck !!!!!!!!!

Gary said...

Okay Chuck, You've got my attention! As a 100% Disabled Veteran I've watched our Medical Care and the "So Called Promises" being cut by the DOD and Congress. Calls and Emails to my representive have been pretty well been blown off and as veterans we keep losing ground. I gave my body and health to protect my country and am losing the benefits that had been promised me when I enlisted. I've got a family to support and am losing faith with congress.

Gary said...

I forgot to mention that I have voted Republican for the last 32 years, BUT am thinking long and hard about making a change.

Chuck Butcher said...

This one isn't even about representing your constituents, this is about promises made and sacrifices made and the absolute lack of honor by those who'd let our Vets down.

Any American who can forget that there are those who've shed blood and lost health for this country get no respect from me, I don't care if the war was right or not, the troops were right, politicians can never let that be forgotten.

Gary, if you want to change your registration you have until 4/24. I encourage you to do what you think is right.