Sunday, February 19, 2006


Wouldn't it be nice if we were sure who won a political race? Not too long ago there was a hanging chad disaster that the Supreme Court sorted out. I don't think that went well, but it's done. Now we have computer touch screens to keep things straight. I have a computer and you obviously also have access to one and I have a virus scan that gets to do some work. It's doing that work because people are maliciously trying to harm my machine. Now I don't think it's paranoia to extend my experience to computer voting machines. In testing they have been messed with and I don't like the idea that there is no verification system to back up these machines. I have a paper trail for my business, I seldom look at that paper, but it is available in a catastrophe.

In the recent past elections have had some real close results, close enough that it wouldn't take large discrepencies to throw an election. If you throw in some political motivation on the part of the manufacturers you have the makings of a real problem.

Disenfrachising voters is a disgrace. Some people are not allowed to vote and should not vote. There's no problem with that. There is a huge problem with denying people the vote "by mistake." These "mistaken" denials seem to clump around certain "types" of voters living in certain areas. This is the case of the state taking away a right without any sort of due process. It is Jim Crow at its most cowardly, some bureaucrat sitting at a desk behind a computer screen just clicks them off.