Saturday, February 11, 2006

Financing My Campaign

I gave this one a lot of thought, I thought about how I'd manage to cover this district strictly on contributions and what I personally could put into that. I'm going to put a lot of miles on a vehicle and lose my weekends for work or relaxation and my nights are shot, that's what I've got. Your contributions are going to finance this, I cannot.

I thought about setting limits on amounts. Then reality set in, I have no stances that are going to attract big money from anybody I could be indebted to. It's laughable to think that my taking swats at waldenbush tax policies are going to gain ground with the wealthy and powerful unless they're pretty darn altruistic. The same goes for any power group I can think of.

Here's the concept about government being for sale, the Congressman is sitting in his office and he has a limitted amount of time, out in the hall are two people, one donated $25 and one rounded up $150, 000, who get's seen? The answer is pretty obvious. Now let's move on down the hall to the Congressman that's not seen a big donation and outside are "flannel shirt" and "Armani suit" and each has a pressing concern. Which one of those folks is closer to stepping off an economic cliff? You bet "flannel shirt" get's seen, the other person has room to wiggle.

That's the gist of it, if what you see and hear is what you want in Washington DC then your contributions are going to pay for getting there. Yes, political poverty means every message and conversation ends with a plea for money.