Thursday, February 09, 2006

Are You Nuts?

That's a fair question. Incumbents win 92%, the R machine is fat and nasty, and the political gurus do not say Oregon is "in play." In the real world of Democratic politics in Oregon's 2nd CD there's not much to be done about the money gap, oh I'll beg repeatedly and it'll dribble in and I'll beg some more. "In play" means the folks who really know say there's good odds with all considerations of a district that it could go either way, they say all seats in Oregon are safe. Then there's incumbency, that's supposed to be a real advantage, I only see one disadvantage, there's a record to be run on. I say Greg Walden's record is assailable and I intend to take a sledgehammer to it. I know, that doesn't sound subtle or polite, well, I figure Greg Walden and Bush and Co (hereafter known as waldenbush) have earned themselves a bare knuckle street brawl. They've worked real hard to get where they are, so they should be obliged.

Now, there are two things going on with my campaign:

One, when the Primary is over the only candidate that should be bleeding is waldenbush.

Two, anybody that shows me a better machine and that they're willing to go after waldenbush as hard as I am, can have my withdrawal and my campaign assets. This isn't about my ego, this is about trying to get some social and economic justice and protection of our Civil Liberties, here in the 2nd CD and nationally. Democratic resources are scarce and I'll be darned if I'll suck them up to stroke my ego.

Does that sound like I don't want to be a Congressman? I want to beat waldenbush and then go be a good Congressman for my district and my nation. I also like being a construction contractor, I don't feel a burning desire for a career change, and I like living in Baker City, Oregon. If I didn't love it out here, I wouldn't be here, and I certainly wouldn't make my life difficult by running against waldenbush. But this is my home and somebody is messing it up and messing with my neighbors and I don't like that one little bit. No, not my home and not my neighbors. You don't get to do that for free.

Now I'm going to beg, I need money, I need people. I can't buy my way into the fight and I can't buy my way through it, this will work if it's important, if it's important enough for you to cough up money and time. If it's not that important things will go on as they have been. But by gosh, don't come to me and complain that the rich are getting richer, the poor, poorer; that your Civil Liberties are vanishing; that Government is for sale; that the Iraq policy is a disaster, that Oregon law is subject to some fringe element's whim... There's no "and" in that sentence because there's no ending implied, waldenbush isn't just silliness, what Bush & Co want, Walden supplies.

Did I mention I need money and people?

Link to ActBlue in the Sidebar

If you can help - snail mail

Campaign to Elect Chuck
1318 4th St
Baker City, OR 97814

"If the voter can't think of me as Chuck, I've no business representing him.


verasoie said...

Awesome, just awesome that you are taking these guys on. I wish I could do more, but I'm a poor student in Portland, but please update your statement with where to make out the check and I'll send in some lunch money to hopefully help give you a half day off so you can talk truth to power.

Thank you again for what you're doing.

verasoie said...

We need to get you an ActBlue account so that we don't waste valuable money on postage. I'll look into setting one up.

Chuck Butcher said...

ActBlue coming soon.

t.a. said...

rock on, Chuck!!

you have supporters in Benton County.

see you in Eugene


Chuck Butcher said...

I just hope those supporters don't want me to campaign in Benton ;-)

Aaron said...


After Benton--come thru Multnomah ;)

Chuck Butcher said...

You folks are gonna wear me if the 2nd CD won't.

verasoie said...

Yeah, do give a head's up when you're in Multnomah county so we can give a fundraiser or at least buy you one of our great local microbrews!