Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Stupid Political Theater And Financial Reform

It would seem that damn near everybody knows that most of America is not at all happy with "Wall Street." The quotes are advisable, investment banking and its ilk are a bit more broad in residence. Somehow the GOP seemed to miss that particular memo and fillibustered the "Democratic" bill. I am pretty sure anyone with a brain could have figured out that the "too big to fail" scam they ran would get outed and that would leave them not much of anywhere to go. There may be political capital with some piece of their base to oppose anything Obama, but that chunk seriously shrinks where the bankstas are concerned - down to the dedicated racists pretty much (excepting of course the plutocrats).

This left the GOP fillibustering a bill to do something meeting general enthusiasm. That is awkward. Some think Mitch McConnell didn't want to miss the Kentucky Derby, I think he realized that looking stupid is much worse than being stupid. (that's really saying something considering the viewership they're concerned with)

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