Thursday, April 08, 2010

Bankers Are Almost Sorry ... And?

You can go to to read the self-serving apologies some of the Bankstas offered up to the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission. You could go to McClatchy and read Greenspan spinning and spinning to deny having any responsibility for an economic meltdown. I'll just bet you'd think a crashed business might re-think how it does business. You could wish, maybe.

Then you'd start thinking that something like a Congress might take nearly 10% unemployment and crushed businesses seriously. You might, if you ignored who benefits and who gets screwed. There probably exists a fury tipping point where plutocrats can't game the system entirely but I'm not sure Congress would react before the pitchforks and torches were in action.

Ronnie Reagan and his voodoo cult of trickle down economics set us on this path. It became accepted wisdom that greed and wealth would look out for the national interests and any interference (especially tax) with that class was unfair and counter-productive. Regulations and taxes that interfered with the unrestrained grab for wealth became the devil's handiwork. The Teabagger nuttery isn't aimed at the causes of a bailout to stave off a depression, but at the bailout. Their fury isn't aimed at anything that has spit to do with anything other than Democrats and tax money. If you expect that bunch to lead the charge with pitchforks and torches you're crazy.

As for the GOP...go ahead and hold your breath. Keep in mind that any legislation that black Democratic President might sign is a victory for ... Democrats. I do have to wonder what kind of lesson it would take for a real large percentage of this country to not have its collective head up its collective butt.

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