Thursday, April 29, 2010

Crist On A Crutch

Sure, it's a bad pun; but what do you expect in a comedy like Florida has turned out to be? The Republican Governor of Florida was losing in a Republican Primary for the US Senate, a governor with a job approval rating above 50% losing. The Tea Bagger faction's candidate Rubio running Charlie out for being ... something other than Rightwing.

I am no Crist fan, I watched his horseshit during the Democratic Primary and I was less than impressed with his dedication to the welfare of anybody other than Charlie Crist and certainly not the best interests of the voters in FL. I give a rat's patoot about Rubio or Crist and their futures, I do care that there are functioning political parties in the US.

The three way race seems to show Rubio, Crist, and Meeks carving up fairly even portions of the electorate at this early stage (Meeks trailing). In Meeks' case it is important to remember that most 3rd party candidates start out polling better early and fading with time. Crist could be an exceptional case already holding state wide office with popularity with the General electorate but history is unkind to Independents. It is not informative to look at Hoe LIEberman since the GOP shat all over its own candidate to help him out. (no, I can't be polite about that guy, won't be, don't give a damn)

I'm no prognosticator but a fracture of the FL GOP shouldn't hurt Meeks and the Democratic prospects, though a straight Meeks/Rubio would have been better for Democrats. A straight match up might also have taught the GOP something...

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