Thursday, April 08, 2010

Confederate Party of Republicanism - Virginia

This blog uses the tag "Confederate Party of Republicanism" for posts that reflect that regional domination of the GOP. It isn't an imaginary construct and yes, it is deliberately insulting - or at least was intended that way. It was an intention to snark that was sideswiped by reality.

The reality was VA Gov Bob McDonnell (R) making a Confederate History Month proclamation honoring those who fought to protect their homes and state...and managed to completely ignore "protect their state's right to enslave human beings." OK you say, an oversight which he corrected and it is important to engage tourism and etc. Nope. If this proclamation was about tourism and history it would have been entitled "Civil War History Month."

You are required to be entirely stupid to not get what this proclamation was about. It was about the Confederate States of America today. It was about racism and aristocracy being honored by the government of Virginia. It is about the Confederate Party of Republicanism and a nation that reflects a bit different view. Does it even begin to create a bit of a "hmmm" to note that this guy is freshly elected and can't run for the office again? That this proclamation is important now that there are serious Democratic majorities in Federal seats and a black Democratic President? That the State of Virginia helped elect this President?

If you take this (R) Governor's apology to mean spit you aren't paying any attention to much of anything. The fact that the option of "Civil War History Month" is being ignored as a clear statement of his intent says something about the dialogue in this country - and the media.

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