Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Tea-liban, Al Teada? Cantor Update

There aren't many of you who will read this that don't know I think Teabaggery is mainly composed of stupid ideas. I can't help that they espouse ideas that have nothing to do with reality. I can't help that it is apparent that there is a strong current of racism in their "Party." I can't help that some of their members use violent and abusive language and images.

What this also doesn't mean is that all of or even most of the people who adhere to the stupid ideas of Teabaggery are violent racists. That brush is entirely too wide for the stroke that needs to be made. Something their leaders and GOP fellow travelers need to think about is that extreme rhetoric doesn't just amp up enthusiasm; it also gives a green light to nut cases. Fear is a great motivator and it does tamp down critical thinking - but it also scares people with a light grasp on reality.

The problem is that the narrow success they've had with fear will dissuade them from looking at what the outcomes are. They will point to the actions of idiots and nuts as isolated cases and ignore that their fear mongering justified those people in their own minds. The examples provided by so many diminished the distance between lunacy and accepted behavior. How much distance is there between Boehner's own statements on the House floor to spitting, throwing bricks and cutting gas lines ... or far worse.

The First Amendment allows them to make stupid, inaccurate, and inflammatory statements, just as it allows me to call them fellow travelers of terrorists.


Rep Eric Cantor says that his office was shot at. That would be horrifyingly dangerous and stupid behavior - if true. The problem is that I can find no reference to it other than Cantor's and the other is that guns do get fired in cities and bullets do travel, so whether Cantor's office was a target could be open to question. I would find a brick through my window infuriating and a bullet hole terrifying. Whatever your ideology it is simply wrong and dangerous.

As for the equivalency argument bullshit, c'mon - liberal or left "leaders" are not running around using violent racist lying rhetoric. I'm real sorry GOPers and Teabaggers, that rhetoric is coming from you. At some point that crap is going to make somebody's life very bad and you'll just stick your fingers in your ears and go, "Lalalalalala."

***Updated Update***
Damn Cantor you lying sack (misrepresenting) here is the relevant police report. I'm a Democrat (oooh he owns guns) and not anyone I know that knows a bit about guns and bullets would misunderstand what the visible evidence meant. So, he is either ignorant as a post, stupid as a box of rocks, or he's a lying sack of .... oh that's right, GOP.


Bpaul said...

Fantastic post. Clear, simple, level headed and true.


Kevin said...

Echo Bpaul.