Thursday, March 25, 2010

Frum And Wingnut Welfare

I suppose that if Frum wrote something that I partially approved of (bipartisan??) that would be the end of him with the wingnut welfare association, in this case American Enterprise Institute. A fellow conservative Bruce Bartlett covers it.

What you need to understand is that the failures of BushCo and neo-nuttiness found homes in places like AEI, Heritage, and some others. There, the failures they propagated and propagandized were worth paychecks, but evidently only if you don't point out that the elephant is naked. What I've read by Frum over the years convinces me that he is a conservative. On that basis we have little in common and having the GOP produce wins by paying electoral attention to Frum isn't something I'd wish. On the other hand, leading them back from the looney tunes edge would be good for the nation.

Well, they're not gonna put up with it. I can't work up to feeling sorry for one of the guys who helped sell the lies of Iraq and the lies of opposition as traitorous when he finally loses a job. What is hilarious is that he lost a job for not doing the same kind of crap - for being pretty smart. There are plenty of dimbulbs to take his place...

Frum will be fine, he ain't gonna starve or even find out how ordinary Americans get by and you can expect his conservatism won't evaporate with this demonstration of its stupidity.

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